December 31 2017

A Worthy Resolution; Happy New Year 2018

Most of us enter the New Year making promises for a better life, but normally our promises are based upon the physical blessings of life rather than the spiritual. This year, take the lead from St John the Baptist, who Christ called the greatest man ever to be born of a woman. St John the Baptist understood just how unworthy he was of the blessings that God had for him. Focusing in the New Year on our soul and growing closer to God rather than on the physical blessings will be a worthy resolution indeed.


December 24 2017

If God Says it; He WILL do it

On the Sunday before Christmas, the Church reminds that God is good for His word. We hear the ancient genealogy of Jesus Christ from Abraham to Christ, as a reminder of the historical promise that God had made to His people to send a savior. On Christmas we celebrate the arrival of the Savior and God keeping His promise. Now we can look ahead to the last promise that God made, to return to rescue us from death once and for all.


December 17 2017

It’s all about Family

With God as our Father and the Church as our mother, we are all invited to gather in the Church for the banquet which has been prepared. As a Greek Orthodox family, we have been invited to be in Church every Sunday. If some make excuses, then we must reach out to the rest of our family, those who God wants in His Church. God wants His family gathered for the banquet in His Church. Set your mind… “If it’s Sunday, I’m in Church!”


December 11 2017

It isn’t the Letter of the Law; It’s the Love of the Law

“You broke the law! You should be kicked out!” While we don’t normally hear people use this exact language when discussing the Holy Canons of the Church, the attitude is quite common. Many of us get worked up about whether OTHERS are following the letter of the law, that we neglect to remember the love that God had in mind when He created the rules in the first place. In the Gospel lesson found in Luke 13.10-17, we hear about a woman who was healed by Christ on the Sabbath. The religious leaders watched with shock and anger the she would dare seek healing, or that Christ would dare to heal her on the Sabbath. The Church engages each of us through dispensation (also called economia) rather than strictness when considering the Holy Canons. If not, we would ALL be out!


December 4 2017

Open Our Eyes to Others

Sometimes we get stuck with our blinders on during important functions in the Church. Sometimes we forget the needs of those around us who need time with God for healing and peace. When we take to the streets with special Church services, or just going about our day, we need to remember our purpose is to bring God to the world. There are too many around us who need His help. We must open our eyes to their needs.


November 19 2017

We Have Work to Do!

In the Gospel According to St Luke we hear about a very successful farmer who also forgot the purpose of the blessings God had given to him. After experiencing a bumper crop he was faced with a decision since his harvest was so plentiful his barns were not big enough to store everything he had. “I will pull down my barns and build greater, and there I will store all my crops and my goods. 'And I will say to my soul, "Soul, you have many goods laid up for many years; take your ease; eat, drink, and be merry." (Luke 12.18-19) Unfortunately for this rich farmer, he didn’t realize that God had a greater purpose for the bumper crop than keeping it all for himself.


November 6 2017

We Will Create our own Hell

Many people believe that God alone determines our future in heaven or hell, but they forget we are coworkers with God. How we will ultimately experience heaven, the presence of God, will be determined by how our hearts are prepared to experience His love. In other words, though we will all find ourselves in heaven, if our hearts are not in the right place, we will create our own hell.


October 29 2017

The Need for Patience and Humility

In the story of two miracles told in the Gospel of Luke 8.41-56, we hear of the healing of the woman with the flow of blood and the raising of Jairus’ daughter. In both cases we are taught the great gift of patience and humility. They are companions as we can’t have patience without humility. We will never be humble if we can’t be patient. But when we embrace both patience and humility we can be healed by God.


October 22 2017

Playing with Demons

When we are faced with temptations and struggles that seem to overwhelm us, we can find comfort knowing that demons have no power over us without God’s permission. There is once exception when we give them permission through our love for sinful living or such boldness as playing with demons.


October 15 2017

The Garden of our Hearts

In the Parable of the Sower found in Luke 8.5-15, our Lord explains His parable so we can know the mysteries of God. We are the soil that receives the word of God in our hearts, and we are the fruit and seeds that He sends out into the world in order to produce even more fruit for the glory of God. But like any garden soil needs constant attention and work to remain fertile, our hearts need constant work through prayer, fasting, almsgiving and the sacramental life of the Church to become and ultimately remain rich fertile soil.

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